Alternate Credentials options

The Desktop Agent uses the logon account by default. However, if an alternate account was specified, it might be used, such as to connect across domains.

If you are logged on with credentials that the Desktop Agent does not recognize, you can specify alternate credentials for Desktop Agent operation and save the account information for future sessions. If you prefer, you can disable an account for Desktop Agent operations so that the Desktop Agent does not run when you are logged on with the account currently being used. You can save this account info for future connections.


If you have a previously established network connection to the media server and it does not match the account the Desktop Agent uses, the Desktop Agent tries to reconnect as the Desktop Agent user. If this fails, the following error displays: “Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user, using more than one user name, are not allowed. Disconnect all previous connections to the server or shared resource and try again.” The account used by the Desktop Agent is the logon account by default, but could be an alternate account if one has been specified; for example, to connect across domains.

In a cross-domain configuration where there is no trust relationship, if multiple users are running the same Desktop Agent, each user must provide a unique user name and password in the media server domain. If different users use the same credentials, DLO displays an error message stating that the user is already connected to the media server.

Table: Alternate Credentials options



Use this account

Enables the Desktop Agent to run when you use the account under which you are currently logged on.


Indicates the user name for an account that is authorized for Desktop Agent operation.


Indicates the password for the account to be used for Desktop Agent operation.


Indicates the domain for the account to be used for Desktop Agent operation.

Save my password

Enables DLO to save and use this password in the future. You can then automatically authenticate to the media server or storage location in the event of an authentication failure.

This option appears only if the DLO administrator has enabled this option. On newly-deployed Desktop Agents, this option does not appear until the second time the Desktop Agent connects to the media server.

Disable this account

Prevents the Desktop Agent from running when you use the account under which you are currently logged on.

Alternate Credentials options