Searching for log files

The Log File Viewer has a powerful search mechanism to help you locate the log files you want to view.

See About monitoring job history in the Desktop Agent.

To search for log files

  1. In the Tasks bar, under Views, click History.

  2. In the History pane, click the Search link.

  3. Enter filtering parameters:

    All log files

    Select this option to show all log entries in the log file viewer.

    Current log file

    Select this option to search only those log entries in the current log file.

    With timestamp of

    Check the With Timestamp of box to search only those log entries within a specified time period. The options include:

    Today – Show only log files that were created today.

    Within the last week – Show all log files created in the last week.

    Between dates – Show all log files created between the dates entered.

    Of the following type

    Check the Of the following type check box to show only logs of the indicated type. You may select one of the following types:

    • Backup

    • Restore

    • Move User

    • Maintenance

    • Error

    • Warning

    With Filenames containing

    Check the With Filename like check box and enter a filename, or file type. Wildcard entries are supported.

    Example: *gold.doc

    When you use wildcards you must use the ‘*’ wildcard. For example, *.tmp returns all results with the .tmp extension while .tmp returns only files explicitly named .tmp.

    Informational entries only

    Select Informational entries only to display only informational entries.

    Error and warning entries only

    Select Error and warning entries only to display both error and warning entries.

    Error entries only

    Select Error entries only to display only error entries.

    Warning entries only

    Select Warning entries only to display only entries for warnings.

  4. Click Search.

  5. If required, click Save As to save the log file as a text file.

  6. Click Close.

Searching for log files