Active Directory Object options

If you chose to use Active Directory to configure an Automated User Assignment, you must complete the following options.

See Creating Automated User Assignments.

Table: Active Directory Object options




For Automated User Assignments, the only option is User.

In LDAP Directory

Indicates the LDAP directory.

When selecting Active Directory user accounts, you must select the specific directory that holds the user accounts. Be sure not to select the user groups directory. Browse to or type the exact path of the specific user accounts directory for which you are creating this rule.

Only the objects in this directory

Applies the connection policy to all objects in the specified directory.

Only the objects in this directory that match the criteria below

Applies the connection policy only to those objects in the specified directory that match the criteria entered.


Indicates the attribute for which you want to apply the connection policy.


Indicates the condition to use to match the attribute and the value. Available options include =, <, <>, and >.


Indicates the user-defined criteria that is used to determine matches. Wildcards can be used to specify the value.

Active Directory Object options